MP3: El Tan - "Los Venceremos"

CUU Desde El Espacio just put out one of its most interesting releases to date: the self-titled debut EP of dreamy-pop enthusiast Jonathan Hernandez, better known as ‘El Tan.’ This is a project that’s barely growing into its senses, but as his song “Los Venceremos” shows, there’s enough confidence from Hernandez to showcase his bricolage. First, we’re happy to finally find a straight-down optimistic song, and that by itself is a standout among this year’s fatalistic bunch. Working under a sunny panorama (a lo Miami Horror, Club Comfort and TV Gamma), this piece has dexterity in its radiant synths and knowledgeable lyrical chops. This song talks about a revolution without never revealing what’s on stake, or who are we supposed to defeat; but rather than a plothole, it serves an open invitation for a generational reform.