Video: Dávila 666 - "Esa Nena Nunca Regresó"

A mayor influence of 60’s rock can be found in Dávila 666’s garage rock banger and destacado-tagged Tan Bajo, and just like the revivalist spirit of their tunes, this new video for their breezy, hella addictive “Esa Nena Nunca Regresó” recreates the aesthetic of the sixties in a very faithful way: through a blue filter we see the band having a riot along many blonde lookalike girls with Brigitte Bardot hairdos; the retro atmosphere is very effective, it resembles what could be a beach pool party scene in a Blake Edwards film. There’s a femme brunette that stands among the other chicks, she sensually dances in front of badass front man Sir Charles who violently shakes her until she collapses, and then a ritual takes place which involves covering the apparently diseased chick with a blanket, rubbing her body surrounded by candles with flowers. When she’s rising from the dead things go from blue to purple and as her newly born identity is revealed, a macabre grin is drawn in her new partners while they welcome the blonde newcomer and keep on dancing.