Video: Fother Muckers - "Rondizzoni"

Whenever we talk about Fother Muckers as a band that embraces Chile's pedestrian & miserablist notions, know we're saying that in the kindest possible way. This new video directed by Roberto Cisneras & Cristobal Briceno is very supportive to our argument. The blogosphere has been a bit quiet to their recently released album El Paisaje Salvaje; a good, but hard to digest follower to their stellar Si no tienes nada que decir entonces calla (2010). The band wants to keep the momentum of their leading single "Lobo Mayor" by putting out a fun video for the new single "Rondizzoni." After doing a quick google search we found out Rondizzoni is a railway station in Santiago's metro/light rail system. Set in what seems to be a warehouse, the band throws a big theme-party of either pump-gasoline men, mechanics, or car racers (can't tell the difference). A big warehouse party of blue-collar proportions.