Uvi.Lov - Las reinas no pueden escoger lo que su corazón quiere

On their new release Caligari EP, Monterrey’s dreampop quartet Uvi.Lov fully submerges into the conceptual panorama of Robert Wiene’s The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Last year, the band live scored the German expressionist horror classic and they’ve captured the wonderful experience on their new album. The video for their single “Las Reinas No Pueden Escoger Lo Que Su Corazón Quiere” is sinister, perverse and quite frightening. Shot on a very cold and highly contrasted black&white, the clip keeps the isolated corners and dark fringes of the silent film era. We get very little gestures on who these characters are, or what they're doing, but if we were to follow the concept of the EP, I would say the three characters in the video are somnambulists lost on their unconsciousness. Caligari is now available for open download via Belafonte Melodias.