MP3: María y José - "Puerto Alegría"

After the warmth critical reception of “Granada”, María y José takes another step to conquer this year as his very own. We've been pumping his latest song for a couple of months now behind curtains, and it's finally out. “Puerto Alegría” is an immediate contender for -2011 Song of the Summer-, and it’s undeniably, María y José's catchiest song yet. It’s so sticky you could easily confuse him with a popstar. This is the leading track included on Vol.2 of Revista Plastica’s fruitful Plasticos y Etereos compilation. This volume also includes new tunes from Anntona, Los Amparito, El Sueño de la Casa Propia, among others. It’s available for free download over at the magazine’s new blog.

But back to “Puerto Alegria”, let’s say it’s like a pupil of “Copacabana”, without the murderous enigma of the classic. This really is the answer to Barry Manilow’s main inquiry in the song: “they were young and they had each other, who could ask for more?” This conversational song celebrates true love in the most breezy and platonic ways. We tend to drown our own immediate feelings, but when true love shows up, be prepare for those emotions to arise. Sound-wise, let's say it's an accurate depiction of the heartbeat. Love so intense and so pure, it puts you in marriage-mode the minute you see it, “Casate conmigo aquí en Puerto Alegría.”