Video: Jessy Bulbo - "La Cruda Moral"

Jessy Bulbo’s Telememe was the first truly great album released this year, and it’s got enough single-potentials to prevail throughout the year as one of 2011’s rock essentials. In our review ‘comments’, I commented on how she parallels with the TV Azteca aesthetic, and Jessy Bulbo herself asked if I could elaborate. “La Cruda Moral” video (directed by Bulbo & Azul Violeta Bermejo) is the most appropriate answer; everything in Jessy Bulbo is accessible, quirky, and feels domestic. As the song states, "les encanta exagerar." In that comment I suggested many of her songs feel like High-School episodes from ‘La Vida Es Una Cancion’, except that Bulbo’s songs are extraordinary. If you’re not in tune with Mexico’s TV culture you’re probably not getting any of this, and that’s ok, you might be better off the Mexican entertainment idiosyncrasy anyway. We’re also anxious to see her acting debut in the big screen with Kyzza Terrazas' El Lenguaje de los Machetes, which is already traveling the film festival circuit around the world.


  1. The Moral Hangover

    I have one of those every weekend baby!

  2. Hola, os dejo link de mi blog discos pensados. Os pongo en el mio. Saludos

  3. ¡Yo creo que te refieres a la sensación de moraleja facilota de "La vida es una canción"! Ok. Reconozco. Como ya salí del closet y me declaré fan de la autoayuda... lo veo en Belzebú y tal vez en Yo primero, pero en la cruda moral... no sé, no veo... me vas a volver loca con esa comparación, te suplico te detengas... XD

  4. Ok ok, a la proxima, mejor un ensayo entre el Saga Mama y La Historia Detras del Mito.