Video: Dani Umpi - "Ambiente"

Uruguayan pop maverick Dani Umpi is like a lost child of David Bowie, or something of that nature. Dani’s extravagant songcraft is playful and flirtatious, the music is always upbeat, and when looking for melody, I love how he seems to masticate words before they’re outspoken. Multi-visual artist Roberto Jacoby recruited Dani Umpi’s abilities on his latest piece of work “Ambiente.” This project consists of a visual montage of infrastructure folklore that also happens to be a great slice of pop art. The clip directed by Teddy Williams was shot at the ruins of Villa Epecuen (Buenos Aires, Argentina), a town that in 1985 was completely submerged under water and that recently came back to surface due to an unsuspected drought. The ghost town is amazing in itself, the timer (and current-event timing) is appropriate, and the clip’s quest for multi-layers brings even more revelations to the surface (which I won’t spoil for you this time around).