SXSW Entry #3: NACO showcase--Carla Morrison and She's a Tease

So I ordered mussles and fries--oh, I'm sorry, frites, for dinner. That sentence seems obviously apropos of nothing significant whatsoever, but here's my point: mussles is the perfect food to inadvertently savor. By that I mean, put 20 mussles in front of me, and it's gonna take 40 minutes to really finish them. MOSTLY because you have to eat them all proper-like or risk making a mess all over the table and your fellow dining companions.

The point is, I missed Carla Morrison's first song tonight because I was carefully opening and eating mussles (in onion and cho
rizo broth!). Thankfully, Carla played another 35 minutes or so for a pretty hyped and well-attended showcase. People were even screaming frantically for her (or at least that's what Blanca told me). And Carla gladly played into the crowd's welcome gaze, virtually re-creating complicated tracks like "Yo Sigo Aqui" and "Compartir" with just her and a drummer (and some nice vibraphone software on her Macbook). I'd say more, but we've got an interview coming up with Carla a little bit later, so we'll save some surprises for that...

Following Ms. Morrison were the super funky and AWESOMELY outfitted She's a Tease. After some initial trouble with their instruments, they kicked it into high gear, showing off the kind of energy and wild abandon that's made them one of the biggest Latin buzz bands of the past 12 months. On a side note, I spent about 15 minutes going back and forth about whether to include a picture of one of the band members' crotches (a shout-out to their well-known album cover), but decidedly against it because...well now I don't know why I did it.