Selena--In Memoriam

Today is the 16th anniversary of the death of the undisputed queen of Tejano music--Selena. Even though her short career came and went years before Club Fonograma existed, virtually every artist we cover owes some sort of debt to her legacy. She was the first to seamlessly integrate urban music into the Latin pop dichotomy (even if this in turn brought us the Kumbia Kings and their white tracksuits), the first Mexican-American (key focus on the American part) artist to infiltrate the general pop conscience since Richie Valens (who of course met a similar tragic end), and single-handedly revived the bustier industry (OK, I'm making that last thing up BUT IT COULD TOTALLY BE TRUE).

Mainly though, she was an exceptionally talented performer, and her death is still an important moment in the evolution of Spanish-language music. If you would like to personally honor her legacy, we request that all the guys lower their pants 3-inches, and ladies raise yours 3-inches in turn for the entire day. Share your favorite Selena memories (song, moment, quince dance) in the comments. Now if anyone needs me, I'm going to blast Amor Prohibido in my office until I get fired. Record is a top 5 pop album of the 1990's. In any language.