MP3: Niña - "Banzai"

There probably isn’t a Mexican band that sounds as nostalgic and cheerful as Niña. A handful of thoughts come to mind whenever they put out a new song; how they’re a pop machine of ear-snagging tunes, how they manage to turn any anthemic topic into an anthem, and how everything leads us to the realization of Niña as one of those rare cult-bands that will be remembered for both, their songs and the generational bridge they’ve built into us. Their new single “Banzai” is the kind of generational monolith that encodes itself into a pop song. More than an easy-to-groove pessimistic song, “Banzai” is the emancipation of internal conflict: “Aqui no existen ganadores, todos vamos al mismo lugar.” This is the first cut from their forthcoming EP Cool Como Fresco o Como Yo?, and it’s available for free download HERE. And since it's so appropriate here, let's just say Banzai!-Banzai!-Banzai! to Niña.