MP3: Lenguas Largas - "No Me Gusta La Pepsi"

In 2006 Monterrey’s Quiero Club made their first single “No Coke” into an anthem, it’s 2011, and well, we would like to think we’ve finally found its counterpart (in brand & sound). We recently came across the stunning track called “No Me Gusta La Pepsi”, and it’s so viscerally archaic, we think it’s time for the Pepsi vs. Coke test challenge to make a comeback (of course, you should know both songs aren't strictly about fountain drinks). The band responsible for reviving the social collision & substance altering discussion is Lenguas Largas, a five-piece band from Tucson, Arizona. Yes, from Arizona out of all places (as you might know, Club Fonograma is mainly based in Phoenix). Timing at just two minutes long, this song employs minimal post-punk sequencing, and extracts some body fluids to escort your senses back to your analog TV memories. Lenguas Largas are releasing their first LP this month via Recess Records. "Y por otro lado me encontrado la coca... ya no me gusta la pepsi."