Featured Video + MP3: Adrianigual - "Me Gusta La Noche"

It’s been almost four years since the release of Adrianigual’s debut album Baila, Baila, Canta, and after the agonizing wait, the Chilean band is officially back. We first fell completely in love with the band with their 2007 hit “La Mistica Espiral”, which we’ve officially adopted as one of ClubFonograma’s ultimate anthems. In that song, they summarized the collective, pessimistic thought of a generation forgotten by major media; lamenting Don Francisco’s leadership in our culture, and how spiral-dance music seemed to offer the momentary means for a raging escapism. Somewhere between The Rapture’s gold-rush roars, Ariel Pink’s transitional swag, and Los Prisioneros’ on-cassette optimism, this is a band ready for its emancipation.

As you can see, we’re not kidding around when hyping Adrianigual as one of the coolest bands in the continent. A lot has happened to the Chilean indie scene since 2007, starting with the fact that it now has an intercontinental audience; and it wouldn’t be a surprise to seethem getting at least half of the attention Dënver received last year. The band enlisted Alex Anwandter to lead their sophomore album’s production, and such assembly couldn’t be anymore exciting. Their leading single “Me Gusta La Noche” converts our hopeful wishes into shining realities. In a year where skuzzy noise pop & lo-fi rock had invaded our iPods, Adrianigual’s sinuous pop is bringing us back to the dancefloor.

Their new video “Me Gusta La Noche” is a stunning frame of afternoon bliss, capturing the suburb life of a group of friends with some great dance moves. Like last year's "Fiebre" by She's a Tease, we're presented with an army of dancers/walkers that first goes through a sort of horizontal, platform-based march through some of Santiago de Chile’s most colorful corners, they eventually find coordination with the camera, and decide to confront it. Along the way, we can also see a dazzling in-the-cage cameo by Alex Anwandter. Directors Paulina Giustinianovich & Diego Adrian really hit it out of the park with every frame, particularly towards the end as they approach freedom through the glimpse of the night.