3ball MTY EP

When I talked to Toy Selectah at LAMC he couldn’t stop gushing over the young talent of the Monterrey tribal guarachero scene, saying that the fresh sounds that these youngsters are cooking up are inspiring to him. And when Toy Selectah is excited about something, you best get excited, too. After all, before the whole reggaeton crossover happened, he had already called it. Now tribal guarachero is poised to make some noise, with the recent success of digi-electro-whatever you want to call it-cumbia leaving the door wide open for an all-out takeover.

The leaders of the scene are Erick Rincón, Sheeqo Beat, and DJ Otto. Together, they are 3ball MTY and, with the help of their sensei of sorts, Toy Selectah, they have released their first EP with some insanely addictive jams to help you achieve a whole new level of dance floor ecstasy. Rincón’s “Amantes Guaracheros” with its loopy digi-beats and brisk handclaps emanates the kind of manic energy that can only belong to a teenage boy.

In Sheeqo Beat’s “No Pares (Madness Remix),” there’s a sound in the background that sounds exactly like the Gchat sound and totally made me check my Gmail tab when I was listening to the track on my headphones while running a search on dinosaurs on the National Geographic website. Granted, that probably isn’t the ideal setting for listening to this EP. You want to be in a dark and dank club for this one, kids. This is the kind of whirlwind music that keeps you spinning all night, getting drawn deeper and deeper into its gritty, hypersonic beats that won’t let you slow down, much less stop, until the club shuts it down and you emerge into the early morning dirty, sweaty, and disoriented. Download the EP on the Soundcloud player, or click HERE.