MP3: Celesta en la Cesta - "Hasta que me olvide de tu existencia"

Celesta en la Cesta is the solo project of Laiza Onofre, a member of Monterrey’s indie-pop band Uvi.Lov. She makes sweet, affordable lo-fi songs, something uncommon considering she belongs to the much heavier bands we’re used to hear from the Monterrey-El Garage scene (now called Workshop). Some of you might recognize her from the MtyMX fest as she stepped in for Jovenes y Sexys’ Loocila who was out sick, joining Cheky in what many called one of the fest’s highlights. Grabaciones Analogas is a tiny but adorable EP from Celesta en la Cesta, recorded live in conjuction with Yo Garage and Alexico. “Hasta Que Me Olvide De Tu Existencia” is superb, short but steady, the kind of well-spirited song sure to lighten your day.

♫♫♫ "Hasta que me olvide de tu existencia"