Featured: Algodón Egipcio - "El Día Previo"

When Jovenes y Sexys’ Cheky tweeted about finishing new songs, we all thought they were destined for that highly anticipated LP from the band. Turns out, he’s been cooking a solo project not even her fellow Joven&Sexy Loocila knew about. I guess we should’ve seen it coming when that Natalia Lafourcade remix came with a surprise, Cheky doing vocals. When we announced via Twitter that we were accepting tracks for our ninth compilation, we received an email by Algodón Egipcio that read, “This is Cheky, I’m undercover.” It only took one spin through “El Sonido Ensordecedor” to notice it was something truly special. Algodón Egipcio has now revealed a couple more tracks on his MySpace and SoundCloud and is starting to generate buzz around blogs for his “Weird Feelings” Male Bonding cover, a band he probably got to meet at this year’s MtyMX.

Virtually every song on his MySpace has been a revelation, but we’re specially mesmerized by the melancholic and wonderfully mellow “El Dia Previo.” Algodón Egipcio mingles on cloudy, rich-textured ambiance. Cheky is not only aware of the self-containing setting he’s constructing, he’s also in jurisdiction; “he soñado con esta cancion.” What makes this piece even more spectacular is the amount of organic and electronic scope he blends into this one haunting song, which by the way, it’s incredibly danceable. We can’t wait for Algodón Egipcio’s debut album La Lucha Constante, out soon.