Stream: Acorde On - "Dios salve a la reina" (Selena Megamix)

Selena, the undisputed Queen of Tejano (may she rest in peace), is a Texas legend, a goddess and a saint. (Yes, you can be a queen, legend, goddess, and saint all at the same time and all in one sentence. But only if you’re Selena.) People still pay their respects every year on the anniversary of her tragic death, and I’m sure that, if not for the fear of offending La Virgen de Guadalupe, for whom many display shrines in their front yards, a lot of folks would construct even bigger and flashier shrines in honor of Her Holiness the Queen of Tejano. But far better than any gaudy shrine, is Acorde On’s tribute in the form of a megamix.

Acorde On is an interesting character out of San Luis Potosí who, to put it simply, mixes music that he likes. He is also known for performing in a biohazard suit, which we won’t go into because we don’t quite know what that’s about. In his “Dios salve a la reina (Selena Megamix),” he pairs some of Selena’s best songs with driving percussion, while still allowing her voice to remain the focal point. His reverence for Selena is definitely apparent. From the quiet introduction with “Como La Flor” to my favorite, “Si Una Vez,” in which the octave jump at the end of the “ve-i-ve-i-e-i” is further emphasized by a cymbal, to the triumphant ending with “No Debes Jugar,” the mix is a nostalgia-inducing production that will make you want to dig up those old CDs and long for the Golden Age of Selena.