MP3: Corvin Baez - "El dia mas triste de mi vida" (The saddest day of my life)

We’ve featured some mixtapes by New York-based party monster Nacotheque in the past, not only are Marcelo and Amylulita amazing as music selectors, they’re true tastemakers, influencing everything from the Latino nightlife, to this blog. Marcelo Cunning is now launching his music project under the name Corvin Baez, releasing a haunting, glamorous and overall hot tune titled “El Dia Mas Triste de Mi Vida” (The Saddest Day of My Life). He’s embracing that 90s disco-electro-pop he’s clearly in love with, adding an enduring intermission by a deep, almost painful voice that goes from intimidating to robotic. It would seem as if the song was celebrating a last dance before death… “dejame abrazarte una vez mas.” I don’t if I dreamed this, but I remember someone mentioning he was making music with Juan Son, that sounds attractive.


  1. I hope you didn't dream up that collaboration with Juan Son because I am so in love with that idea.

  2. The voice is from a sample of a Grupo Yndio song called "Dame Un Beso Y Dime Adios".