Video: Mexicans With Guns - "Dame Lo"

San Antonio’s master of bass Ernest Gonzales, better known as Mexicans With Guns, released his Me Gusto 12” earlier this year, and this skillfully textured track is one of the highlights. Ðueý FṀ (aka System D-128) directed this video for “Dame Lo” in short film style, and it is bananas. It has everything you want in a video (violence, sex, betrayal, revenge) and everything you never knew you wanted. There are actual Mexicans with guns! One of these guns shoots some sort of alcohol (I’m going to go ahead and say it’s tequila because stereotypes galore!) and one of them shoots an actual person! And there are two girls in full skull makeup toting AK-47s while eating raspas. BAMFs. There is also a ninja virgen, who you do not want to cross because she will cut you. Yes, all of this in one video just over four minutes long, which obviously means that this idea has to be taken to the next level and made into a full-length feature.