Video: Julieta Venegas - "Despedida"

Even if you don't read magazine tabloids, chances are you’ve heard the wonderful news of Julieta Venegas becoming a mother, as she confirmed it a couple of days ago via Twitter. It’s no secret that she is one of our favorite people in the world, mostly because of our compatibility when it comes to music taste. The video for “Bien o Mal” was spectacular, and when we heard the video for Otra Cosa’s second single “Despedida” followed the same line of visual-imagery extravaganza, let’s say were searching the web nonstop. “Despedida” was directed by Maxi Blanco and Agustin Alberdi (director of “Bien o Mal”), and it was shot in Argentina and Mexico. It’s a visual ecstasy and a sort of anti-comedy trip that’s as hard to describe as the bunny’s significance in the whole album. Having animals in a video is always something noteworthy, having animals mate (or trying really hard) to a breakup song, that’s genious! And indeed, the video follows the structure of the first video, except that this time, we get to see Julieta in a very pregnant shape, gorgeous.