Daniel Klaüser - Ayarachi Mixtape

Ayarachi Mixtape
is the latest set from Chilean producer Daniel Klaüser, better known as ‘Don Conejo.’ The mixtape format is today’s ideal medium for electronic acts exploring the “in between” sounds. Whether it’s the fusion of folk with a modern approach, or the convergence of different time frames, the mixtape welcomes all those possibilities, not to mention how label-friendly it has become lately. Ayarachi is not just well-sequenced, it creates its own narrative through precise editing, but above all, the music selection here is superb and unique. From Gerard FM’s “Tombola” to Zombie Disco Squad’s “The Duke Sound,” everyone should give it a try, a must. Download Ayarachi HERE.

You can also dig around Don Conejo’s soundcloud for more traditional neo-cumbia, pay special attention to “A Lo Perrito,” a battle between Don Conejo, Snoop Dogg and Pibes Chorros.