Stream: Carla Morrison - "Compartir"

It’s been over a year since Carla Morrison left Club Fonograma-based Phoenix AZ to embark on her shining career. She left with a couple of instruments, some very improvised recordings and a clear mind of who she was as an artist. Nowadays, Mexican fans enjoy her music on the popular series Soy Tu Fan (produced by Gael Garcia Bernal & Diego Luna’s Canana), she’s got half of our circuit’s industry talking, and she just filmed a video with La Blogotheque, that’s called success. This infectious girl from Tecate proudly presents her new single “Compartir”, the first cut from her upcoming album Mientras Tu Dormias. Production-wise, this is the finest moment from Carla; as many of you know, her new album was produced by the amazing Natalia Lafourcade.

“Compartir” is immediately engaging; it holds the simplicity of her last EP as it welcomes a new layer of melodic sophistication; the alluring instrumentation here is not only a good example of the vintage, near-the-wall sound, its steady appearance is also mischievously visceral in all its elegancy. The entrance base is specially grabbing, opening your heart to that special someone deserves this kind of walking tall arrival. Carla’s songcraft allows her to go beyond descriptive love songs (which is why she can get away with diminutive wording), she makes poignant conversations out of them, "porque me haces enloquecer, tu me enchinas la piel." This is one gorgeous song. "Compartir" is now out on iTunes, Mientras Tu Dormias will be out in a couple of months.