Teaser: La Reina Morsa. Dónde están las jugueterías.

As you might know, we’re in love with Chilean label Cazador, and they’re releasing some truly great stuff every week at their site this month. Club Fonograma’s staff is very excited about the upcoming Protistas album, but we’re starting to get the feeling that the August 22 debut release by La Reina Morsa will be incredible too. Their sparkly song “Fiesta Pequeña” (from Fonogramaticos Vol.9) has become a favorite, and as we should’ve expected, it plays spectacularly well at hipster-friendly gatherings (yes, we tried it). Our favorite Spanish blog La Pagina de la Nadadora is in love with them too, they described it as “una especie de maravilla pop tropical.” Here is a little flat-out gorgeous teaser for their upcoming album Dónde están las jugueterías. Via Paniko.