New Single: Hello Seahorse! - "Casa Vacía"

After the astounding success of Bestia, Mexico’s new great band got back to the recording studio fairly quick to record Lejos. No tan lejos, the third full album by Hello Seahorse! By now, the band has completely bonded with main producer Yamil Rezc who captures, extracts and pushes Hello Seahorse! outside their own dreams, at least instrumentally. In their first single “Casa Vacía” they teamed up with producer Money Mark (Bestie Boys), who was astonished by LoBlondo’s top-notch vocals a few months ago and now puts full attention to her glorious instrument. “Casa Vacía” serves from that gifted and well-trained voice, this time really outputting nostalgia for celestial echoing.

If they moved from bedroom-pop to haunted house-rock in the …And the Jellyfish Parade-Bestia bridge, “Casa Vacía” sounds like Hello Seahorse! experiencing the heavens. The song recalls those beautiful passages from “El Recuerdo”, "Volando Me Voy" and the falling aftermath of Enjambre’s “Impacto.” It’s not the catchiest song out there, and it doesn’t smell like a hit either, but finding beauty in emptiness is like appreciating silence as a narrative, a rare beauty. For a band that has proven to be transcendental since day one, “Casa Vacia” is a knockout.