Video: Odisea - "Cabros"

Alex Anwandter’s Odisea keeps surprising us, this time with the video for “Cabros” the first flat-out fantastic single from his equally interesting self-titled solo album. Last time we spoke with Alex he told us “Cabros” was the one different song on the album, which he felt was necessary to include so that it would be easier for all those Teleradio Donoso fans to jump into his new project. The songs in Odisea might be too long for many to handle, but this single took over our iPods the entire summer and now this video directed by Alex himself only adds to the addiction. It features very well known actors Jaime Vadell and Edgardo Bruna. Odisea is all about Chile, the cities, the nightlife and the traffic, all bundled up in some hysteric disco strings as hard to ignore as his Michael Jackson’s influence in the overall album, starting of course, with the album’s artwork.