El Medio - "Que bueno que nadie piensa en mí"

If you follow us on any of our social network profiles, you’re probably getting tired of our Fonogramaticos Vol.9 promo. Sorry, we’re just super excited because we truly feel it’s one of, if not the best volume of Fonogramaticos yet. While it is a compilation on our favorite stuff out there, you know this is also an upfront of what’s coming up on our blog content as we start to extract the individual pieces, mostly comprised of brand new songs from up and coming Club Fonograma-approved bands.

Having said that, let’s get into the most loved, most talked about song in the compilation so far, El Medio’s “Que Bueno Que Nadie Piensa En Mí.” Prior to our compilation’s release, I mentioned to my Twitter followers that my favorite track came from Puerto Rico, and that it sounded like Franny Glass meeting Joe Crepusculo. El Medio is the solo project of “Leo," a visual designer and one of the members of Balun, who are also Fonograma favorites. He confessed he was a bit concerned with the production quality of the song, but it’s that room-constructed melody what makes it special in the first place. From the tender Bolivian charango, to the hooks and Leo’s vocal styling, this is one of the prettiest songs of the year.

“Que bueno que nadie piensa en mí” is a heart-filling song that is also the most beautiful sorrow. As Javiera Mena and Gepe sing, “es una tristeza tan linda.” It’s a bitch-slap to all those friends of yours that ask why you don’t go ‘out’ as much, arguing life is too short. Well, that’s exactly why some of us sometimes decide to thrive within walls, “solo en mi cuarto es donde siempre estoy contento.” The song goes even deeper, presuming to have found tranquility… and an empty “yimeil” (gmail) inbox. It reaches its finest moment at the end, just when I was about to cheer for the song’s left-alone spirit, it resounds-repeats-redefines the entire song with that last-minute twist “piensa en mi… piensa en mi,” almost whispering a cry for your thought-consideration. Gorgeous.