MP3: El Remolón vs MC Hammer vs Dabrye vs Zonora Point vs Rulio Enriquez (Un Mono Azul cocktail)

Buenos Aires-based DJ and producer, Un Mono Azul, got his start in the Mendoza “tropitech” (he calls it tropitech, I call it electropical) scene and since then has produced a lot of intriguing and expertly mixed and textured music employing a variety of genres that you might not expect to work well together. But Un Mono Azul makes them work, and you can hear for yourself in his recent compilation, Arca, which he describes as “14 of his remixes, edits, mash ups, and other accidents” and as “a way to rescue his little mutants from the end of this era, and from the hard disk of his laptop.”

This particular mash up is a slow grooving amalgam of sound that, despite having so much going on, manages to remain surprisingly quiet and minimalistic. It’s quite impressive, actually. Usually when I have a cocktail with too many ingredients, it makes me sick. But this cocktail goes down nice and easy. Watch out for Un Mono Azul’s Manimal EP to be out on Sub Klub Records soon. Download the ARCA compilation HERE.