Babaluca - The Acoustic Sessions: A Farewell to Babaluca Recorded At Radio Phoenix

Cover Picture by Iván Lizárraga
Design by Carlos Reyes

The Acoustic Sessions is an acoustic set recorded by Babaluca last year at Radio Phoenix. The band composed of Carla Morrison, Nicholas Kizer and Nikki Patte separated last year, leaving behind this wonderful set of indie-rock songs that deserve to be heard by a broader audience. Babaluca was truly one of the best bands to come out of Phoenix, they never got to record their much-desired full-length album, so this is a farewell collection showcasing 10 of their songs that will bring nostalgia to those of us who followed their steps, as well as the new fans. The set captures the band’s striking energy with songs in both, English and Spanish. Many locals remember them as “the little band that could,” but when listening to this album we can’t help but recognize it as a key piece in this city’s almost inexistent music scene. These are songs fueled with inspiring clarity and charm, these are songs to be remembered during Phoenix’s hot days and nights. Farewell Babaluca!

Babaluca. The Acoustic Sessions
A Farewell to Babaluca Recorded at Radio Phoenix


01. I’m Lost / 02. Red Eyes / 03. Que Bonito

04. Just Say It / 05. Shitballs / 06. By Your Side
07. Pan Dulce / 08. Broken Promises / 09. Struddle / 10. Because of You