Video: Los Rakas - "Abrazame" feat. Faviola (Uproot Andy Remix)

We keep wondering what took so long for us to fall in love with Los Rakas (2010's LAMC Discovery Award winners), but now that we’ve jumped into their wagon, we’re enjoying every minute of it. The video for “Soy Raka” might have been a bit controversial, but insanely good. They turn the tables in their newest video “Abrazame” (featuring Faviola), a sweet song that should be a mainstream hit all over Latin America; we’re not sure why it isn’t on every radio station out there, we need more songs like this: smart, popular and close to the heart. Probably the most attractive facet in their songs is that they’re completely attached to their surrounding rhythm. And what about that line “El no sabe que tu eres mi princess”, or “yo no te voy a soltar”, but who said fallin in love with a married girl is simple? The video itself isn’t as memorable as “Soy Raka”, but we love how they encompass California and make its locations part of their delightful take on Gyptian's "Hold You" beat, even better executed by Uproot Andy's remix.