MP3: Sol Pereyra - "No Hablo del Amor"

After an extensive participation as part of Julieta Venegas’ tour band (including the MTV Unplugged), former Los Cocineros member Sol Pereyra is promoting her debut solo album Bla Bla Bla, a hard one to find at this moment but soon to have wider distribution. Sol is a dynamic and energetic singer and actress, a true performer. If her single “Te Fuiste” showcases her sweet, nu-jazzy facet, “No Hablo del Amor” is a twist on the intricacy to separate the heart from something as emotionally-driven as art itself. "No Hablo del Amor" is one of those strange cause-and-effect songs that resolve themselves from one line to the next, leaving beautiful hooks and bridges as emotional attachment. The song’s linear formation is a weird pack of rhythms commanded carefully by Pereyra’s self-motivated vocals. If you enjoyed her tremendous song “Reggaetonta” (Volume 4), you shouldn’t miss this one.