Stream: Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - No Ta Llevando El Diablo

It’s bad enough that I missed a bunch of songs on my internetless summer break month, but why did you forget to tell me about the new Rita Indiana single? It’s been out for almost a month now!

We’ve been buzzing Rita Indiana y Los Misterios for so long, we were starting to really question if she was ever going to release something properly this year, not that it bothered us, after all, she handed us five tracks for our compilations and features, but we’re obviously hungry for more. As we had announced it, Rita Indana teamed up with amazing producer/journalist DJ Rupture and Brooklyn’s Shadetekfor the release of an EP, and it has finally arrived. A few months ago we streamed a rough cut of “Los Poderes”, one of the songs in this release, but the centerpiece of this release is what makes it all worth it.

“No Ta Llevando El Diablo” has been a favorite on all her live shows, a tune so bold and out-of-this-world, that it really seems like a trip to hell. This is how we like our Rita Indiana, with those powerful upbeat songs that only she can do. The press release notes the song “clocks in at a breakneck 185 beats-per-minute.” Just like in "El Blu del Ping Pong", Rita's story-telling qualities are starting to be identifiable, complex songs in the rush of the moment, and you got to love her shameless pop culture shout outs, this time singing a bit of Yuri's "El Apagon." The EP (which is actually a Single with an extra track) is now out through Dutty Artz.