MP3: Niña Dioz feat. Kid Kimera - "Frepo Minimal, Man!"

A few days ago we were telling you about the upcoming second mixtape by Niña Dioz, here is the impressive upfront track that got us excited in the first place. “Frepo Minimal, Man!” is her best song since “Faquir,” an upbeat, sweaty and weekend-ready tune that’s been haunting our iPods these last couple of days. The kind of song that makes grilling fun, not to mention the calories it burns from your system, just by listening to it. The song is graciously mounted on “Groove 34,” one of the pieces included in Crooker’s Free Beat Pack. This track is a collaboration with 17-year-old rapper Kid Kimera, who’s virtually unknown but we’re keeping an eye on him from now on. “Quieres mas pero que daras? move that ass o te quedaras.”


  1. I used to think she was ok, but she's getting so good at this!

    Now this is what she should be doing: Los Rakas, and I don't mean a collaboration, she should just let them produce her. She doesn't have the flow of Anita Tijoux or the energy of La Mala, but she's aware of that, when was the last time Latin America had a rapper who could actually reconcile the idea of resource vs ego? Nina Dioz is kinda classy in a way.

  2. let's get the party started!!!!