Video: Daniel Melero - "Tenés"

Revista 69 (aka Peru’s coolest indie blog) featured this jaw-dropping video by Argentinean musician Daniel Melero, who’s carried on a great career since the 80s as a singer and producer of well-known bands such as Soda Stereo, Todos Tus Muertos and Babasonicos. “Tenés” is extracted from Melero’s most recent album Por. This visceral (literally) video by director Agustin Carbonere is not what you’d expect from a 52-year-old rocker, the music is equally engaging and primeval. The girl in the video is the sexiest psycho, and the story is like a romanticized version of Alex De La Iglesias’ Crimen Ferpecto. Not to get into the whole outrageous Bunbury dispatch all over again, but this is the kind of stuff that transcends generations, “tenés” eso que me puede, tenés."