Featured MP3: Prehistoricos - "Ya no te espero"

In the long-ago time before human existence, we like to imagine Earth as a tropical landscape of lush vegetation populated by fantastic creatures like the mighty dinosaurs. It was a time that seems almost like a chimera, while simultaneously evoking the sensation of raw reality – primal instinct at its finest. Chilean band Prehistoricos, formed by Tomas Preuss, Jessica Romo, and Felipe Moreno, makes simple, visceral music worthy of the band name. Preuss, already a favorite of ours, wanting to tone down his sound after his electronic-heavy stint with Caramelitus, by joining forces with Romo and Moreno, has accomplished that and more.

“Ya no te espero” is a quietly tortured song, an “I’m through with this” declaration. Beginning softly with Preuss’ ethereal voice, the song builds gradually and gracefully into a quiet explosion (if you can imagine such a thing). And the “si pudiera entrar en tu mente, quisiera ver flores” bridge with xylophone accompaniment is absolutely gorgeous. The band is currently working on recording more songs, and we hope to hear more from them soon.