New Single: Lido Pimienta - "Caminos"

The always sparkling, triangular visionary Lido Pimienta has unveiled a new single titled “Caminos,” one of three new songs to be added to her stunning Color EP, which will redefine its form into a full-length release. The album will get a vinyl release later this year by Los Angeles-based indie label Ku De Ta, who has also announced exclusive vinyl releases for Pilar Diaz and Jovenes y Sexys. A lot has happened to Lido’s young career since that Club Fonograma feature of “Mueve,” but she’s still that charismatic infectious girl we fell in love with. “Caminos” is a risky future-pop song; a challenge in both its rhythms and themes. Finding your own trail in life is complicated; it’s a series of self-contained challenges one must learn to overcome, find your rhythm.