MP3: "Divine Hammer" (Nuuro Re-Remake)

The Poni Republic released a very special EP with remixes for Jóvenes y Sexys’ first and still only release Bruno EP. Club Fonograma favorites Maria y Jose and Pepepe took care of the remixes for “El Reloj” and “Gold Day” respectively, the Venezuelan duo reinvented “Suerte” in a very dark, smoky, and possibly defining sound for their future full length album. Now we can’t lie to you, we’ve had 75% of this release on our iPods for a long time (years maybe), but it’s nonetheless, a nice recollection of what was our second favorite EP of the 00-10 decade. But we particularly love Nuuro’s Re-Remake of “Divine Hammer”, as you know, it’s an original from The Breeders. Nuuro’s version sounds truly refreshing, but don’t let the sound fool you, he’s not coming back to melodic adolescent pop era, this was recorded years ago during the TurnThatShitOff era. Download Bruno Remixed, HERE.

♫♫♫ "Divine Hammer" (Nuuro Re-Remake)