MP3: Suave As Hell - "Maravillas"

We learned via Me Hace Ruido about the new single from Guadalajara’s Suave As Hell, probably the last band that had us debating over the Bands Singing In English dilemma. Sorry for bringing it up again, but for us, “Controlling the Sun” was the perfect example of a band making worthy music regardless of the language, as we applauded last year, “this is an extension of the globalized skill.” We’ve seen this pattern repeat itself over and over, bands with English-language debuts come back with a more diversified project, and yes, singing in Spanish too.

“Maravillas” is the title of their upcoming self-titled album. The single’s first act is quite sublime (on the best of Jumbo and Furland), but when the chorus arrives, it goes downhill on a very distressing melodic extension, and a very noticeable downgraded lyricism. Yes, it's an uneven track, but still, the band manages to pull out an affectionate pastiche of the sounds coming out of both, Mexico and the international arena. "Maravillas" is available for free download through bandcamp.