Video: TLX - "Verte Llegar"

Virtually everyone of our Venezuelan friends point to TLX as one of their country’s best rock bands, and best-kept secrets. We don’t know much about them, except for a song that’s been on our library for a while, “Esplandor,” probably their most well known track, and it’s not even 2 minutes long! The band had some ephemeral buzz early this year with the release of their newest album 33 Minutos y En Auto, a bit too straight forward for many of us, but worthy to look at. Their latest video “Verte Llegar” is so good I even found myself revisiting the entire album (didn't love it, but I love its aesthetics). I’m always weak with the sepia-color palette, especially when exposed to the sun like director Javier Farias does here so candidly. There are no visual parameters here, the video equates the music’s intergalactic mystery; the image absorbs the band’s members and tries to make them part of the surrounding space, they seem to reject by reflecting their own ideal world.