New El Guincho Song "FM Tan Sexy"

Jenesaispop has the scoop on a new song by El Guincho, to be included on his sophomore LP Pop Negro. We feel his last release Piratas de Sudamerica has not been properly taken care of, it’s extremely good and there’s barely any attention to it anymore, but then of course, this is one of those blogs that would actually appreciate the songs’ recreations. But we’re always hungry for more El Guincho, and this new cut titled “FM tan Sexy” definitely keeps the excitement alive. Pablo’s cousins want to show you how they enjoy Pop Negro, introducing this hot-off-the-wall and very sweaty track in a very eye-pleasing video. Both upfront songs have been a revelation, “Bombay” did it through its lyrics, and this new cut does it with the actual sound CREATION. Pop Negro will be out next month through YoungTurks/Beggars.