Fother Muckers Introduce Themselves in GoldenHits Compilation

Chilean label Cazador leads our latest compilation with three spots (Protistas, La Reina Morsa & TV Gamma), not a total surprise considering the top-notch quality of their catalogue. Fother Muckers is one of the label’s most well known bands, they recently released their career-best album Si No Tienes Nada Bueno Que Decir Entonces Calla, which we described as an album that “voids choice while still holds its pieces together by means of experience, and yes, some tricks.” The band is has made an ironic and well-laughed ‘golden hits’ career compilation album Introduccion a los Fother Muckers - Oro Solido: Una Coleccion Personal, celebrating their three years of existence.

The 23-track compilation also features a fan-only extra disc titled Menudencias featuring an interesting archive of rare and unreleased material. If you don’t know Fother Muckers yet, this is the perfect opportunity to get to meet them. This release includes a brand new video from the band, I can’t really describe it, but it’s fun, pay attention all those Piyama Party fans!
Download the compilation HERE.