Not just a soda, it’s Jarritos.

Not just a soda, it’s Jarritos. Ok, as you already see, this is a total WTF moment in Club Fonograma as we’re supposedly a Latin Pop music blog and not a product review site. A few weeks ago one of our readers who loves our blog said he would send me a box full of Jarritos, and if I wanted, I could tell you guys if I liked it or not. Yeah, pretty much what happens when labels send us their latest releases, so I said, why not? Let me reaffirm you this isn’t some kind of promotional deal or advertisement; there’s no money involved here, just 100% natural flavors! (and a nice little distraction from a writer-block moment I’m having).

Although I don’t take this blog very seriously, I realize writing about a product is too much of a stretch, however, I grew up drinking Jarritos, and I love me some Jarritos. They sent one bottle of every flavor they got; I think I’m going to have to hide them from my very traditional Mexican family. The bottles are super elegant, and you know opening a bottle cup is always fun and romantic. My favorite flavors: Tutifruti, Tamarindo, Fresa, & Guayaba (reflective of my music taste?) They also sent a tshirt, and a ClubJarritos exclusive compilation with absolutely awful music by artists such as Belinda, Alejandra Guzman, Emmanuel, Christian Castro, etc. You bet I won’t mix Jarritos’ explosive flavors with that kind of tasteless music. But of course, we got your back. (Hint. Fonogramaticos!)

And just for fun, my recommendation to supplement every flavor with a particular artist.

Tamarindo: Lido Pimienta. Tutifruti: Los Amparito. Jamaica: Maria y Jose. Lima-Limon: Jovenes y Sexys. Mandarina: La Bien Querida. Piña: Ceci Bastida. Guayaba: Javiera Mena. Toronja: Fakuta. Mango: Adanowsky. Limon: Julieta Venegas. Fresa: Le Butcherettes.


  1. WTF indeed but oh well I love me some Tuttifruti Jarritos tambien!!

  2. Ticky (aka #1HipsterCuban)August 24, 2010 at 2:40 PM

    was laughing all throughout

    ADANOWSKY: Mago! hahahaha

    Fresa: Le Butcherettes (LOL X1000)

  3. chin yo queria ser tutifruti!

    si algún día vas al df no le digas soda, nadie te entenderá, allá les dicen refrescos manoo (tono chilango).

  4. compartan !!! aca en los Niuyore no escuentro Jarritos :'(

  5. la rama del tamarindo!!! hell yes!!! hahaha

  6. mi favorito es el de tamarindo... les voy a decir a mis paisanos de veracruz que te envien unas "chaparritas", i.e. los jarritos del sureste...

  7. ay que ricoooo