Not just a soda, it’s Jarritos.

Not just a soda, it’s Jarritos. Ok, as you already see, this is a total WTF moment in Club Fonograma as we’re supposedly a Latin Pop music blog and not a product review site. A few weeks ago one of our readers who loves our blog said he would send me a box full of Jarritos, and if I wanted, I could tell you guys if I liked it or not. Yeah, pretty much what happens when labels send us their latest releases, so I said, why not? Let me reaffirm you this isn’t some kind of promotional deal or advertisement; there’s no money involved here, just 100% natural flavors! (and a nice little distraction from a writer-block moment I’m having).

Although I don’t take this blog very seriously, I realize writing about a product is too much of a stretch, however, I grew up drinking Jarritos, and I love me some Jarritos. They sent one bottle of every flavor they got; I think I’m going to have to hide them from my very traditional Mexican family. The bottles are super elegant, and you know opening a bottle cup is always fun and romantic. My favorite flavors: Tutifruti, Tamarindo, Fresa, & Guayaba (reflective of my music taste?) They also sent a tshirt, and a ClubJarritos exclusive compilation with absolutely awful music by artists such as Belinda, Alejandra Guzman, Emmanuel, Christian Castro, etc. You bet I won’t mix Jarritos’ explosive flavors with that kind of tasteless music. But of course, we got your back. (Hint. Fonogramaticos!)

And just for fun, my recommendation to supplement every flavor with a particular artist.

Tamarindo: Lido Pimienta. Tutifruti: Los Amparito. Jamaica: Maria y Jose. Lima-Limon: Jovenes y Sexys. Mandarina: La Bien Querida. Piña: Ceci Bastida. Guayaba: Javiera Mena. Toronja: Fakuta. Mango: Adanowsky. Limon: Julieta Venegas. Fresa: Le Butcherettes.